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Artliner -- synonymous with high quality rubber track pads

Artliner track pads are the original, long-established and the highest quality rubber track pad in the market to date. Popularity with the customers ranks at the top in the industry.
Artliner track pads provide stability of drive and it is easy to mount on / take off the steel shoe plate.
Artliner track pads come in bolt-on type (for those with pre-drilled bolt holes) and clip-on type.
Artliner track pads are available for over 1000 Machines from over 40 manufacturers with the shoe plate widths of 200 mm to 800 mm.


When a heavy crawler vehicle changes direction, the severe lateral warping stress made by its turn causes damage to the road surface. The dispersion of such warping stress from the metal shoe plate is the central concept of Artliner structural design. The protective rubber firmly bonds itself to the metal core, which in turn provides mechanism for its fixture onto the shoe plate.

Artliner Bolt-on Track Pads


The bolt-on type Artliner track pads have screw studs projecting from their bottom. When you mount the Artliner bolt-on pads onto the shoe plates, these threaded studs would go into the pre-drilled holes of the plates and come out from behind. Then place spring washers onto the threaded studs that have just come out from the backside of the track shoe plates and screw on the nuts. Please, make sure that the pre-drilled holes on your shoe plates line up with the bolt-on pads' studs. The bolt holes need to be 2 mm larger than the screw bolt studs' diameter to install. A dimension work sheet for a track shoe plate is available.


What if you do not have the pre-drilled holes on your track shoe plates? For those we have clip-on type Artliner track pads, which attach themselves onto track shoe plates by firmly clamping them with genuine special metal brackets. Upon placing a clip-on pad onto a shoe plate, clamp the plate with two metal brackets and screw in the bolts to fasten them. More often one of the brackets is already attached onto one side when we ship the products. So all you need to do is to hook the pad by the bracket that is already attached onto one side, and fasten the other side with a closing bracket.

For both types of track pads, we suggest you use an impact wrench.


Artliner track pads are made of anti-wear/cut-resistant rubber and are made to fit to each individual steel shoe plates.

Impact / abrasion effective 3-D Design

The configuration of Artliner track pads is so designed that chipping and cutting through impact with the ground surface may be kept minimum. Its many faceted design can effectively absorb direct impact with the ground. And the broad surface which faces directly to the ground is curved ever so slightly with the pointed zenith in the middle of the surface. This enables effective turns with least warping stress on the pads. Combined with our cut/abrasion resistant rubber, Artliner last even longer than ever. (Artliner track pads last more than 3000 hours on paved roadways.)

Artliner Products

Winter Pads

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Artliner selection Lists

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Cold climate winter rubber pads(Winter Pads)

winter pads

1.Superior Traction

Using two layer of rubber with differing hardness, Winter Pads provide superior traction. The original tread patterns are designed for better drainage of the contact surface.

2. Stable traveling performance on frozen road surface

Winter Pads have 1.8 times as much traction compared to our conventional company pads. It reduces skidding on snow surface, hard-compacted snow surface, and freezing road surface, and provides better traveling performance and safe work environment.

3. Easy to mount

Clip-on one side, and bolt-on the other end. It only takes one person to mount.

comparison examination

1. Avoid traveling upon surfaces other than snow, hard-compacted snow and frozen road surfaces.
Running on dry, gravelled road surfaces not only wear out Winter Pads but it can also damage them.
2. Storage
When not using Winter Pads out of season (other than winter), clean the dirt off the pads, and store them in a dry place where there is no direct sunlight.

V Pads for forest industry

v pads

V pads provide good traction, improved safety, manageability and stability on mountainous roads with inclination.
They can also work well on the snow.
Please, avoid using it on asphalt roads.

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